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The Department of Physical Education of SCUN has opened the major of Social Sports.



1Educational Objectives of Social Sports


    We will work hard to improve the overall quality of students and ensure that they improve in terms of their moral, intellectual and fitness level as well as in their appreciation of aesthetics. Our students are required to master the basis theories, knowledge, and techniques of public sports and have the spirit of creativity. They will be able to be consultants of public sports and in charge of organizing, managing, exploiting sports entertainments in communities.



2. Requirements and Features


(一)Love the motherland, master Marxism-Leninism and Mao zedong thoughts and Deng Xiaoping theory and basic principles of "Three Represents" important thoughtsBe familiar with the relevant national sports guidelines, policies and regulations.


(二)Master the basic knowledge and theories of public sports; learn to teach and guide people in exercise, health care, recreational sports and in planning, organizing and services of public sports activities; having the spirit of creating, strong practice ability and ability to adapt to the society.


(三)Master the knowledge and method of organizing, managing and exploiting public sports, having basic ability to take on the management and service of communities.


(四)Master the basic method of document retrieval and information query; know national and international academic development in public sports; be capable of scientific research and practical ability to work.


(五)Be fluent in a foreign language and master the basic skills to use computers.


(六)Have a healthy body, and develop good health habit and healthy lifestyle.



3. Length of Schooling and Degree


Duration: 4 years


Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Education



4. Major Disciplines

    体育学science of physical culture and sports、社会学sociology、公共管理public management



5. Main Courses

    社会体育概论conspectus of sport for all、社会体育管理学Social sports management、健身概论Body-building introduction、中华体育养生学Chinese sports learning of life、运动解剖学Move anatomy、运动生理学Move physiology、体育保健学Sports health care、羽毛球Badminton、健身与健美操Build body with exercise for being strong and handsome、武术WuShu