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Brief Introduction of the School of Mathematics and Statistics

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The School of Mathematics and Statistics (SMS) in South-Central Minzu University was founded in 2009. It is a department with a long history in our university, and its predecessor can be traced back to the department of mathematics when the university was rebuilt in 1981. Since 2000,the department of mathematics began to enroll undergraduates in two major:Applied Mathematics, and Information and Computing Science. Then, the number of students in math major and the size of the department have greatly increased.

SMS offers three undergraduate programs: Information and ComputingScience, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics. The School also offers 1st-leveldiscipline of master program in Mathematics. At present, the total number ofundergraduate students and graduate students in SMS is more than 1000.Moreover, SMS also offers university-wide basic common mathematics courses toboth undergraduate and graduate students in the university. Each year, morethan 10 thousand students select these courses.

SMS has a highly qualified and dedicated teacher team,the school hasa faculty of 61,and the proportion of professors and teachers with doctoratedegrees is now at 77%. SMS insists on combining the scientific research withteaching, and its research areas cover: Wavelet Analysis and Image Processing,Partial Differential Equations, Control Theory, Graph Theory and Coding Theoryetc. SMS has made good achievements in scientific research in recent years.Since 2009, it has undertaken 8 National Level Scientific Projects, 8 Provincialand Ministerial Level Scientific Projects, and has won three third prizes ofNatural Sciences granted by Hubei Province. More than 200 papers have beenpublished in domestic and international academic journals by SMS, and more thanhalf of them are indexed by SCI or EI.

SMS has a strict teaching management system and a fine teachingstyle, and the School pays high attention to training the talents. The studentsare cultivated to be strict, practical and to have a strong sense ofinnovation. The students of SMS have frequently awarded in many competitions,such as the China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, ChineseCollege Students Mathematics Competition and so on. Since the establishment ofSMS, students won more than 30 items awards of national and provincial levelper year. The graduates from our school get a favorable reception of theemployers, and every year some graduates can been admitted to some famousuniversities to pursue their further study, such as Peking University, RenminUniversity, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University,China University of Technology and so on. Every year, some of our graduatesalso go to foreign universities to pursue their studies.

With the support of the leaders of our university and the efforts ofour faculty, the school has made a great progress in discipline construction,scientific research and talent cultivation. Facing new challenges anddeveloping opportunities in mathematics and statistics, our faculty will work togetherto create a brighter future.