About SCMU

South-Central Minzu University is located in the city of Wuhan, the political, economic, financial, cultural, educational and transportation center of central China. It is a comprehensive university under the direct administration of the Sate of Ethnic Affairs. Founded in 1951 as South-Central college for nationalities, it was renamed as South-Central Minzu University in 2022. As one of the 13 higher education institutes for ethnic groups in China, South-Central Minzu University is committed to the innovation in higher education for ethnic groups, and thus has achieved a rapid and comprehensive development.

History of the School of Mathematics and Statistics

The School of Mathematics and Statistics of South-Central Minzu University was established in 2009. Its predecessor can be traced back to the department of mathematics in 1981 when the school was rebuilt. Since 2001, the department of mathematics began to enroll undergraduates in the major of applied mathematics and information science.