Botany Mentors Lead Experiments and Sow the Seed of Science Reverence

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Why does the egg sweat? Why does the whitelily turn red? Why does the epidermis of an onion look like houses row uponrow? The Discovery Journey of Life Sciences Interest-oriented Experiment Campfor Primary and Middle School Students was unfolded in the Hubei Shuiguohu No.2Middle School on October 27. The teacher and student Party members of theCollege of Life Sciences led the primary and middle school students in biologyexperiments to popularize biological knowledge.

This event was initiated by Hubei ProvinceGenetics Society and Hubei Province Society for Cell Biology, sponsored by theHubei Shuiguohu No.2 Middle School, and co-organized by the College of LifeSciences.

“Explorethe Secrets of the Microworld from a Different Perspective”

“Witha microscope, the kids can observe and get to know things and explore thesecrets of the microworld from a new perspective,” Prof. Liu said. As botanymentors, Prof. Liu and her coworkers and graduates led the 31 students fromprimary and middle schools across Wuhan in the fun and meaningful experiments.

“Clampthe coverslip with the tweezers, contact the water drop on the coverslip withone end, and then gently put it down. Mind for the bubbles.” Under theinstruction of botany mentor and graduate Zhan Peng, three primary studentsobserved the epidermis of an onion clove magnified 40 times via an opticalmicroscope. With Zhan’s elaboration on the functions and features of each cellstructure, the students were amazed at the complex and magical structures ofplant cells.

“Withphotosynthesis, green plants can generate oxygen which is an integral part ofthe air we breathe in.” After that, the fourth grader from Honglingjin PrimarySchool took a deep breath. Through a rapid experiment on photosynthesis, thestudents gained a deeper perceptual and conceptual understanding on the growthof green plants.

“They can learn about knowledge, and moreimportantly, develop a scientific mindset.”

Across the room students and parentssurrounded and watched the LI-6800 Full-auto Photosynthesis Measuring Instrumentbrought by botany mentor and graduate Huang Wente from the College Laboratory. “Thisspecialized instrument is to be used for the experiment of Observation on thePhotosynthesi Features and Differences of Four Green Plants,” Huang explained.Different from traditional experiments which can’t measure the data, thisinstrument can deliver data rounding to four decimal places.

This experiment is all about operationalability, and more importantly, thinking ability. “The analysis of experimentalresults is a complex and meaningful process, through which they can learn aboutknowledge, and more importantly, develop a scientific mindset,” Liu Hongpointed out.

The experiments for this event were alldesigned by the botany mentor team of the College in light of different agegroups and knowledge levels. “These experiments have not only based on theprimary and middle school courses, but also improved the courses,” PrincipalPan of Hubei Shuiguohu No.2 Middle School revealed, “Building this platformtoday, we hope to introduce expert resources to primary and middle schools, andsow the seed of life sciences in the mind of students.”