Special academic exchange meeting for postgraduate students 2019 hold in our college

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Special academic exchange meeting forpostgraduate students 2019 was hold in the afternoon of September 5 in ourcollege. 3 of the faculty members, Professor Qinghua Liu, and young teachersMs. Jiao Liu and Mr. Bing Liu were invited as the representatives to sharetheir academic experience with the young students.

Professor Liu emphasized that one should be both curiousand ambitious in doing research. While keep trying, one should train oneselfthe ability of analysis, summarization, and writing. Mr. Bing Liu told thestudents to be awe of scientific research. He said that to be a good academic professional,one should be hardworking, serious, honest and abiding academic rules. Ms. Liushared her oversea experience and told her story about how to overcomedifficulties, which greatly broadened the students’ view.

In the meeting, students actively askedquestions about problems in study and the teachers tried their best to answerthem. This meeting helped the young students to understand the requirement forthe research of postgraduates and clarified the direction to be strive on.After the meeting, students attended expressed their willingness to work hardin the coming 3 years.

(reported by MingyueMa)