2019 Academic Forum of Female Scientists in Plant Biology and Campus-based Science Popularization Tour Unfolded in SUCN

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March 26 marked the opening of 2019 Academic Forum of Female Scientists in Plant Biology and 16th Campus-based Science Popularization Tour in SUCN. Sponsored by the Female Scientists Branch of Chinese Society for Plant Biology and undertaken by the College of Life Sciences, the event was held in the Academic Exchange Center. Female scientists, including Academician Kuang Tingyuan from Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, presented 10 fascinating science popularization lectures and academic reports. Vice President Duan Chao of SCUN, officials of related units and teachers and students of relevant disciplines joined the event.

Vice President Duan made a welcome speech and pointed out that science popularization is the bridge leading science and technology to the human society and a development priority to be strengthened. This Academic Forum and Science Popularization Tour offered an opportunity for the teachers and students to appreciate the mystery and magics of the world of plants, and learn about the research essence of scientists. This event further offered a platform to learn about the latest academic developments to support the development of related disciplines.

Prof. Xia Guangmin from Shandong University, president of the Female Scientists Branch, gave a brief introduction to the event tenet and main arrangements. Working with colleges and universities in 11 provinces and municipalities since 2013, the Academic Forum of Female Scientists in Plant Biology and Campus-based Science Popularization Tour has been delivering a positive message to about 10,000 young students, receiving good results.

Event Venue, Photo by Zheng Kuiying

Female scientists attending the event are from well-known universities and research institutions like Peking University, Nankai University and the Chinese Academy of Science, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science, National Outstanding Youth, Distinguished Professors of Cheung Kong Scholars Program and delegates to the 19th National Congress of the CPC. Through the lecture “Interdisciplinarity and Source Innovation”, Academician Kuang expounded the importance of interdisciplinarity. Prof. Xia gave a vivid report titled “Wheat and Human Civilization” to combine the history of world civilization with the origin and transmission of wheat. Prof. Gu Hongya from Peking University introduced the fun facts of organic evolution through the story of “Darwin and The Beagle”. Researcher Tian Shiping from the Chinese Academy of Science analyzed the relations between fruit and health, and introduced the foundation and technology for fresh fruit preservation. After that, lectures titled “Pollen Germinated Cytoskeleton Regulatory Mechanism”, “Regulation on Ginseng Bioengineering Breeding and Synthesis Pathways”, “A Study on the Molecular Evolution Mechanism of Ethylene Synthesis”, “A Study on the Role of AhGLK1 in the Post-drought Recovery Growth of Peanuts” and “Physiological Mechanism of Effective Water Utilization of Beet” were unfolded successively. The event was ended with the poetic lecture “Flowers Blossoming as You Like—Appreciation and Regulation of Flowers” by Prof. Mo Beixin from Shenzhen University.

Students joining the event all revealed that it was a truly rare opportunity to listen to the words and experience in life of such extraordinary scientists on the spot. Committed to scientific research for decades, they have set up inspirational role models to fuel the enthusiasm for learning and scientific research.

This event was co-organized by the College of Life Sciences, the Western Returned Scholars Association and Hubei Province Key Laboratory of Protection and Utilization of Characteristic Resource Plant Germplasm in Wuling Mountainous Area.

(By Huang Xin, Liu Chen &Lu Ying)