College of Life Sciences Joins Targeted Nutritional Intervention Program for Health Poverty Alleviatio

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From April 11 to April 12, Deputy Dean Wang Haiying, Lecturer Zhang Li of Food Quality and Safety Specialty of the College of Life Sciences and others headed to Weisi Lisu Autonomous County of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province for China Characteristic Double Protein Program—Targeted Nutritional Intervention Health Poverty Alleviation Action.

As Weixi Count is now at a critical stage of poverty alleviation, diseases are one of the primary cause of poverty and re-poverty of locals. To advance the health poverty alleviation efforts, the launch ceremony of Double Protein Program—Targeted Nutritional Intervention Health Poverty Alleviation Action was held in Meiluo Village, Pantiange Town, Weixi County on April 11. Through food nutrition intervention, this event is intended to enhance the nutritional and health level of poverty-stricken locals, reduce medical need, and thus eliminate disease-caused poverty and re-poverty.

On April 12, the Work Promotion Meeting for Double Protein Program—Targeted Nutritional Intervention Health Poverty Alleviation Action was convened. The attendees put forward their opinions and suggestions for better completion of pilot work. On the basis of the strengths and features of SCUN, Deputy Dean Wang Haiyin expressed the cooperation intention with the local government regarding practice training base construction, training and provision of minority talents.

During the event, our teachers visited Yunnan Shangri-La Bluegrass Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Weixi Pabala Ice Wine Marketing Co., Ltd. to further expand practice training bases for Food Quality and Safety Specialty.

It’s understood that Double Protein Food are high-tech new nutritious and healthy food with targeted interactive nutrition to accelerate the human cell damage repair, digestive regulation, absorption and metabolism, and enhance cellular immunity. On the basis of scientific verification, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs allocated specialized funds in 2014 to unfold Double Protein Program researches led by the Food and Nutrition Development Research Institute and supported by the Double Protein Program Collaborative Innovation System mainly composed of SCUN, Northwest Minzu University and Beijing Union University. In 2017, the Double Protein Program was included into the National Nutrition Plan (2017-2030).

In the research of Double Protein Program, the College has made important progress in double protein resource collection. Thus far, the College has established the first Double Protein Resource Database in China, and directed the compiling of China Double Protein Food Catalogue book series, providing important data and resource support for the advancement of Double Protein Program.

(By Zhang Li)