SCUN Project Approved as 2019 Hubei International Technical Cooperation Base

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On April 29, the Department of Science andTechnology of Hubei Province issued the Project Construction Notice of 2019Hubei International Technical Cooperation Bases. The Biomedical InternationalTechnical Cooperation Base applied by the College of Life Sciences of SCUN wasincluded into the Notice, which is intended to work with the Albany MedicalCollege to unfold gene knockout mouse model researches represented by mice andthus explore new methods for the treatment and prevention of respiratorydiseases.

The project is headed by Prof. Liu Qinghua from theInstitute of Medical Biology of the College of Life Sciences, whose team hasbeen studying human respiratory diseases, the pathogenesis of asthma inparticular, for nearly a decade. Against increasingly profound internationaltechnical cooperation, this project unfolds researches on gene knockout mousemodels of asthma and chronic bronchitis in the elderly with Prof. Wang Yongxiaofrom the New York-based Albany Medical College. With the support of geneknockout technology CC9, multiple gene knockout mouse strains have beendeveloped, providing effective solution and technical support for theelaboration of respiratory diseases, the pathogenesis of asthma in particular.The project is most characterized by its foundation in the minority areas,especially in the abundant biological resources in Wuling mountainous area, andthe collaborative innovation with the medicinal plant team of the College andSouth China Minority Area Biological Resource Protection and UtilizationEngineering Center. Through extensive surveys and ingredient analysis onChinese herbal medicine, active ingredients primarily consisting of bittersubstances have been extracted for researches on alleviating the typicalsymptom of asthma—airway hyperresponsiveness. This project will establish new validrespiratory disease model animals to facilitate the prevention and treatment ofrespiratory diseases, and facilitate the further development and utilization ofChina’s medicinal plant resources, especially the plant resources in Wulingmountainous area, for exploring the medicinal value of Chinese characteristicplant resources.

The construction of International Technical CooperationBases is an important aspect of the state’sinternational technical cooperation in the 13th Five-year PlanPeriod, and a vital measure to implement the spirit of Opinions onStrengthening Technical Innovation-lead Quality Development of CPC HubeiProvincial Committee and Hubei Provincial People’s Government (EF [2018]No.28), and build open and innovative brands.As theonly approved project in 2019 and second International Technical CooperationBase of SCUN, the Biomedical International Technical Cooperation Baserepresents one of the important results since the construction of researchfacilities like Standard Animal Room.

(By Yu Mengfei & Liu Hong)