College of Life Sciences Advances Rice Breeding Demonstration Base Construction to Help Poverty Alleviation in Wuling

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In recent years, the Rice DiseaseResistance Breeding Research Team of the College of Life Sciences has beenworking with the Seed Management Department of the Ministry of Agricultural andRural Affairs to establish Wuling Mountainous Area Disease and Cold ResistantRice Breeding Center Base and Conventional Rice Stock Breeding, Popularizationand Demonstration Base in Anzi Village, Sanhu Town, Laifeng County. Scientificrice planting and stock breeding training has been provided for local peasantsto advance the yield and quality improvement of rice seed production. Technicalguidance and service has also been offered for local conventional seedproduction peasants, cooperatives and enterprises to help poverty alleviationvia targeted support.

Since 2017, the Rice Disease ResistanceBreeding Research Team has developed 2,000 mu of Rice Stock Breeding,Popularization and Demonstration Base in Anzi Village every year based on theOne Variety for One County rice seed production policy, supporting about 50poverty-stricken households and increasing the income of local peasants byabout RMB 6 million. Taking advantage of the sound SCUN-local cooperationfoundation and development trend, Laifeng County plans to further expand thesize of the Base by increasing the key demonstration base to 10,000 mu and plantingarea in surrounding towns to about 20,000 mu. Stable income is expected to bebrought to local peasants.

Composed of 10 doctors in biology, theRice Disease Resistance Breeding Research Team has developed 3 rice sterilitylines and 2 quality high-yield disease-resistant rice varieties, cloned 5 ricedisease-resistant genes and 1 rice cytoplasmic male sterility gene, anddirected multiple provincial, ministerial and national level research projectssince its building. Centering on independently developing new cold and diseaseresistant rice varieties and depending on the slow replacement of ricevarieties in Wuling and independent development of quality high resistance ricevarieties, the team has been committed to improving the seed breeding technicalsystem and integrating supporting cultivation technologies to achievecombination of good varieties and good methods. High-yield demonstration hasbeen further combined to provide technical guidance and training, accelerateresult application, and promote the sound and sustainable development of riceindustry in Wuling mountainous area.

(ByTan Yanping & Yang Zheng)