Lecture on Food Industry Development and New Food Raw Material Declaration Held by College of Life Sciences

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On the morning of September 20, 2019, theLecture on Food Industry Development and New Food Raw Material Declaration, thesecond event of research salons organized by the College of Life Sciences ofSCUN, was held in Conference Room 8-C-206. Directed by Prof. Wang Haiying,deputy dean of the College, the lecture was given by keynote speaker Dr. YanWenjie, director of BUU National Health Food Inspection Center, and attended byteachers and graduates of the College.

Dr. Yan elaboratedthe future development trend of global food industry, and pointed out that theChinese food industry needs to establish five systems regarding massiveenvironment, massive agriculture, massive food, massive nutrition and massivehealth to support our development strategy. Food science researchers areexpected to explore animal, plant and microorganism resources, and develop morediversified food varieties in the minority areas, ocean and forests. It can beseen that the research and application of new food raw materials present hugepotentials. He further illustrated the concept, declaration conditions,inspection and demonstration procedures of new food raw materials. Exampleswere given to dispel the doubts of audiences. In the summary speech, DeputyDean Wang encouraged the teachers and students to broaden their mind, observecarefully, and explore potential species or substances in researches, so as toprepare for the research and declaration of new food raw materials.

This lecture has been beneficial for bothteachers and students: macroscopically, the attendees gained an understandingabout China’s current development demand for the food industry; specifically,they learned about the declaration and demonstration system of new food rawmaterials. It further provides new ideas for future researches to be unfoldedthe College.

(ByXue Chunfang & Liu Jiao)