National Key Specialized Research Declaration Seminar Held by College of Life Sciences

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On September 19, 2019, 10:00 a.m., theNational Key Specialized Research Declaration Seminar, one of research salonsorganized by the College of Life Sciences of SCUN, was held in Conference Room 8-C-203.The seminar was given by keynote speaker Prof. Qin Rui of the Colleges of LifeSciences, and directed by Prof. Liu Qinghua, director of the Academic Board ofthe College. Prof. Qin highlighted the declaration procedure for national keyspecialized researches, and shared his experience in declaring national keyprojects. Young and middle-aged teachers in biological sciences researches inthe College unfolded discussions at the seminar joined by relevant comradesfrom the Institute of Scientific and Technological Development.

Taking the example of the Double ProteinFood Resource Development and Utilization Project conducted by the brothercollege, Prof. Qin shared the experience from the perspectives of idea conception,topic selection and project initiation, preliminary preparation and knowledgereserve of project declaration, and accumulation of work findings. The youngteachers engaged in heated discussions of how to join the research teams of theCollege and SCUN in national key specialized researches, and aired theiropinions on how to combine personal strength in experimental methods andtechniques with national key specialized researches. Finally, Prof. Qin andProf. Liu offered their suggestions and encouraged young teachers to think inlight of national conditions, fully give play to their strength in research andage, focus on biological resources in minority areas and social needs,highlight advantages and features with systematic and foundational work, andwin approval of peer experts. In this way they can ultimately declare fornational key specialized researches.

The sparkling seminar served as aface-to-face exchange platform for young teachers and research team leaders. Inthe future, the College of Life Sciences will organize themed academic salonsincluding how to apply for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, soas to enhance its academic research level.

(By Liu Jiao)