Research Group Construction of Biology Science(2)Biomedical research Institute

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Biomedical Research Group of South-centralUniversity for Nationalities was established in 2010, which consisted of 2professors, 3 associate professors and 3 young teachers. 6 out of the 8 memberswere Chinese Communist Party members. They have obtained Ph. D. degree from University of Cologne in Germany, China Union Medical College, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan University, Huazhong AgriculturalUniversity, Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,respectively. 87% of them had the experience of study abroad. 2 of them wereawarded Special Professor of Chutian Scholar, with other 2 honored ChutianScholar and one honored the Talent Youth by State Ethnic Affairs Commission.The research group focuses on construction of medical plant resource bank inethnic area, the pathological mechanism of respiration system, research on thephysiological and pathological function of signal transduction molecules andions in muscle system, and screening new medicine from natural products.

Fig. 1. Group members of Biomedical ResearchInstitute

Since the establishment of the institute,especially after the establishing First level doctoral program in Biology ofour university was approved by Hubei Province, the group focused on theutilization and protection of featured resources in Wuling Mountains. They havesuccessfully worked in group construction, platform construction, personneltraining, member recruitment and social service. The group has obtained 37academic grants of various types, in which 20 grants were from provincial departmentor higher level. They have published 40 papers with high SCI index and obtained9 invention patents. The group has overcome difficulties in technique ofCRISPR-Cas9in the past 3 years andsucceed in construction of model animal platform. They have established geneknockout model mice S100A9 and TMEM16A and applied them in research.

Fig. 2. Model animal platform

The institute actively cooperated withenterprises. They have established Hubei Province Postgraduate Station with thecooperation of Zhongyuan Ruide Biological Products Co., Ltd, and have trained 6postgraduates for enterprises, which made contribution inuniversity-enterprises cooperation and Transformation of knowledgeachievements.

Fig. 3. Postgraduate Station established byBiomedical Research Institute and enterprises cooperation

Biomedical Research Institute has activelyinvolved in international academic cooperation. Hubei Medical BiologyInternational Science and Technology Cooperation Base was approved to build byScience and Technology Agency of Hubei Province in 2019.

Due to their productive research works indeveloping special medicine in ethnic area and human diseases, members in thegroup have awarded by many government departments. Professor Jinhua Shen wasawarded Talent Young Scholar by State Ethnic Affairs Commission and financiallysupported by Hubei Excellent Youth program. Associate Professor Lu Xue wasawarded ‘Good Young People’in Hubei Province. Since its establishment, thegroup has trained more than 70 postgraduates and 30% of them proceeded to Ph.D. program. 2 of the postgraduates pursuit their Ph. D. in Dresden Universityof technology, Germany. Their work has strongly stimulated the biological researchin our college.

Considering the advantage of resources andpersonal interests, the group will modulate its research direction and content.They will focus on the pathological mechanism of muscle disease with the helpof trangenic platform and gene knockout animal technique. In the coming 5years, they plan to establish 3 to 5 muscle disease-related gene knockout micestrains and by screening plant natural products, obtain 5 to 10 medicines toprevent or treat muscle diseases, which will further the research in pathologyand medical treatment of muscle diseases and cultivate a professional team inmuscle disease research.