Research Group Construction of Biology Science(1)Institute of Plant Development Genetics

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Since the approval of starting the project of doctoralprogram establishment by Hubei Province in 2014, College of Life Science inSCUEC has achieved significant improvement in research group construction,research platform construction, personnel training, staff recruitment andsocial service. Focused on the protection and utilization of resource withethnic feature, all of the faculty members were grouped to do research andsocial service. For the purpose of building strength for further development,the college summarized the major achievement in construction in the past 6years. Combined with the thematic education of Remain True to our OriginalAspiration and Keep our Mission Firmly in Mind, the college will reviewsummarize the past achievement and prospect the future development to stimulateour enthusiasm of construction our college. The construction achievement willbe introduced by different subjects such as research group construction,platform construction, personnel recruitment, etc. The first part willintroduce the research group construction.

With the principle of group members united by researchtopics and research groups united to promote college development, 70 faculty membersfreely selected to take part in 8 research groups under the team leader systemin 2015.

Fig. 1. Schedule of research groups in biological science

Plant Development Genetics Research Group was consistedof 10 people, including 4 professors, 4 associate professors and 2 youngteachers. They hold Ph. D. degree from Wuhan University, Huazhong AgriculturalUniversity, Chinese Academy of Science and Universityof Tsukuba, respectively and 70% of themhad experience of study abroad. This group has awarded the Innovation GroupGrant of Hubei provincial Natural Science Foundation in 2011 and furthersupported by the same grant in 2015. Based on the social requirement in ethnicarea, the group did their research on the frontier of Wuling Mountains. Theyhave travelled through all south-western Hubei Province to solve problems ofthe high occurance of rice blast and difficulties in cultivation rice in coldarea. They have established 10 cold-resistance and blast-resistance materialsscreening and identification bases in Enshi and Yichang. With extensiveresearch, they have obtained 3 new cultivars of rice with good quality, cold-resistanceand disease-resistance properties and successfully spread the cultivation ofthe cultivars in that area.

Fig. 2. Base of Rice Breeding Center fordisease-resistance and cold-resistance rice in Wuling Mountains

Based on the local reality when planning their research,they have established rice breeding base in Sanhu Village, Laifeng County ofEnshi, rice breeding and cultivation technique base in Lichuan City, XuanenCounty, and Laifeng County of Enshi and Selenium-rich rice production andselling base in Xintang Village of Enshi. Since 2018, local farmers increased2000 mu of high quality rice cultivation each year. In Anzi Village, the centraldemonstration base, 50 poor families were lifted out of poverty and the localfarmers increased their income by 5 million RMB. The cultivation of the highquality rice brought stable income to the poor families by 15,000 to 20,000 RMBeach year, which realized the poverty lift program in advance in AnziVillage.Until 2018, their newly breedrice cultivars Junyou 522, Chanyou 72 and Junyou 172 have been planted in12,260,000 mu in south-western Hubei Province, where it is 1100 meters abovesea level. The farmers increased rice production by 5 million kg, i.e. anincrease of income by 100 million RMB, which showed great economic and socialbenefit. The high quality rice of Xishilvyun, breed by their group with 3 yearsof hard work, contains 0.417% of plant selenium, which meets the standard toexport to European Union. With the help of electronic commerce online, the newbreeding is promoting the local agricultural enterprises to be top enterpriseswith ethnic features.

Fig. 3. 3 new cultivars of blast-resistance rice wasbreed in Wuling Mountains and the cultivation has spread to western Hunan,western Hubei, and south-east Guizhou province

Due to their effective research practice and achievement,group members were awarded by many government departments. Professor Xuequn Liuwas awarded Expert with Special Allowance of State Council. Professor ChuntaiWang was honored Experts with Outstanding Contributions of Hubei Province.Professor Xinqiong Liu was awarded Expert with Outstanding Contributions byState Ethnic Affair Commission. Associate Professor Xin Xu was awarded 3551 OpticsValley Talent Program. Associate professor Yanping Tan was awarded ‘ Good YoungPeople’of the second session. The couple of Professor Xuequn Liu and ProfessorChuntai Wang was awarded the Nicest Family by our university. The genetics anddevelopment teaching and research section of our college, which mainlyconsisted by the members of this research group, was awarded National 5.1 WomenModel Post. Their Community Party branch, the Second Branch in our college, wasawarded to build Model Branch of National Party Construction. Since the establishment,the group has won 2 Hubei Science and Technology Progress Awards and obtained 8invention patents. Over 70 postgraduates were trained with 30% of them proceededfor further education and most of them are active in professional fields aroundthe wolrd.

Fig. 4.CentralBase for Breeding and Popularization of Rice in Wuling Mountains

(Reported by Xin Xu)