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This major has been approved as a National Characteristic Major, a brand specialty in Hubei Province and a pilot project of comprehensive reform of specialty in Hubei Province. This major cultivates talents with basic biological theories and basic experimental skills of Biotechnology, familiar with the development status, cutting-edge trends and production applications of this discipline, and with interdisciplinary knowledge.Graduates can be engaged in teaching or scientific research in college or scientific research institutes, and laboratory management, application research, technology development, production, operation and management in biological high-tech industry, enterprises related to biomedicine, agriculture and quality inspection. The main courses include: basic chemistry, botany, zoology, microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, developmental biology, genetics, molecular biology, genetic engineering, genomics and proteomics as well as biochemical separation and analysis technology. Bachelor’s degree, four years of schooling, science students. Upon graduation, a Bachelor of Science degree will be awarded if the degree granting conditions are met.