Major of Bioengineering

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The majorof Bioengineering focuses on the training of students to master the basictheory of biological technology and its industrialization, the process ofbiotechniques and engineering design. The students can be engaged in the designand management in the field of biological technology and related fields for newtechnology research and new product development. They will acquire some basicknowledge of engineering and computer after basic training. The students shouldbe familiar with the progress, frontier and practical application of thesubject. Related interdisciplinary knowledge and certain accomplishments inhumanities and social sciences are also indispensable for the students. Thegraduates can be employed as technical personnel in the field of education,research institutes and enterprises including biological engineering, fermentation engineering, bio-pharmaceuticals,environmental protection, biomass production and so on. The main courses include:basic chemistry, principles of chemical engineering, engineering drawing,microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, fermentationengineering, gene engineering, bioreaction engineering, bioseparationengineering, bioengineering equipment, etc. The students will gain bachelordegree in science after four years of schooling. The degree of the Bachelor ofEngineering will be awarded if the students are qualified with the requirementsof the degree after graduation.