Food Quality and Safety

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Food Quality and Safety bachelor programme is part of Hubei Province HigherEducation Plans for young talents in Emerging Strategic (Pillar) Industries. Theprogramme provides integrated elementary and applied science courses in the fieldof chemistry, biology, food engineering and processing, nutrition and food hygiene,food analysis, and food quality and safety control. The scope is to train studentsto fulfill the requirements for both food academia and industries, by being capableto work or conduct scientific research in the field of food production andprocessing, food chain management, food analysis and safety assessment, andfood legislation.Graduates can work inagriculture or food products enterprises, food inspection agencies ordepartments, and research units as specialists in production management, quality control,product sales, analytical testing, inspection and quarantine, safetyevaluation, supervision. The main course contents include inorganic andanalytical chemistry, organic chemistry, food chemistry, microbiology,biochemistry, food engineering principles, food technology, food toxicology,food nutrition, food quality testing technology, food quality management. Thisbachelor programme consists of a four-year study plan which only enrollsstudents in science discipline. Graduates who accomplished the required creditswill be awarded a Bachelor Degree in Engineering.