Biological Breeding experiment class

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Based on the majorof Biotechnology, the Biological Breeding experiment class is set up accordingto the strategic emerging (pillar) industry talent training plan of HubeiProvince Higher Education, and cultivates high-quality innovative appliedbiotechnology breeding professionals needed for the national strategic emergingindustry. The talent training is to develop training programs and teachingplans cooperated with enterprises, focusing on strengthening the theory andpractice courses such as plant breeding, animal breeding, microbial breedingand biotransformation. The experimental class aim to cultivate high-qualitytalents with physical and mental health, comprehensive ability, solid system ofprofessional knowledge and skills and broad professional knowledge extensionsystem, that can engage in scientific research, technology development, talentcultivation and management in teaching, research, biotechnology and breedingindustries and related fields. The main courses include: Cell Biology,Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering,Protein and Enzyme Engineering, Cell Engineering, Bioinformatics, BiochemicalAnalysis Technology, Plant Breeding, Animal Breeding and Breeding Technology.Undergraduate, four years program, recruiting science students, Bachelor ofScience degree will be awarded if meets the requirements when graduation.