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运动队介绍 Overview of Sports Teams


    According to the schedule of competition, taking a combined approach of voluntary registration and recruitment of coaches, the Department of Physical Education has formed a high-level coach team which makes the sports teams realize the target-oriented responsibility system. It has gained acclaim from the university authorities and recognition amongst the public that the sports teams have enjoyed distinct results in different competition level throughout the universities in the country and Hubei province over the past few years. In different competition level throughout the universities in the country and the whole nation, remarkable success has been achieved by the teams of WuShu (Martial Art), football, women basketball, men's basketball, aerobics, shuttlecock and cuqiu(a traditional Chinese football game) of South-Central University for Nationalities(SCUN). Among them, the football team has enjoyed outstanding success of four consecutive championship of competition throughout the universities in Hubei province and participated in the National Football Match on behalf of Hubei province.SCUN WuShu (Martial Art) team was acclaimed as the "model of university WuShu (Martial Art) in middle south of China", as it has won nineteen consecutive championship in the WuShu (Martial Art) team competition.



The existing sports teams and coaches of SCUN


校足球队教练员:范 毅  韩斌

Coaches of Football Team: Fan Yi and Han Bin


校篮球队教练员:华 志  江伟 彭宝荣  刘 睿

Coaches of Basketball Team: Hua Zhi, Jiang Wei, Peng Baorong and Liu Rui


校武术队教练员:胡文雄  范石汉

Coaches of WuShu (Martial Art) Team: Hu Wenxiong and Fan Shihan


校田径队教练员:刘洪迅  刘景裕桂永锋  杨 斌

Coaches of Track and Field Team: Liu Hongxun, Liu Jingyu, Gui Yongfeng and Yang Bin


校毽球队教练员:秦更生  彭宝荣金 宁

Coaches of Shuttlecock Team: Qin Gengsheng, Peng Baorong and Jin Ning


校网球队教练员:严 宇 谢罗希

Coaches of Tennis Team: Yan Yu and Xie Luoxi


健美操队教练员:刘杏春  郭 颂  邱婷 张晓白 熊 炎

Coaches of Aerobics Team: Liu Xingchun, Guo Song, Qiu Ting, Zhang Xiaobai and Xiong Yan


羽毛球队教练员:任师东  张怀成

Coaches of Badminton Team: Ren Shidong and Zhang Huaicheng



Coach of Volleyball Team: Li Jiarong



Coach of CuQiu (a traditional Chinese football game) Team: Guo Bingde


校射弩队教练员:潘 宁

Coach of SheNu (a traditional Chinese arrow shooting by the minority of Yi) Team: Pan Ning


校游泳队教练员:袁丽丹 韩婷婷

Coaches of Swimming Team: Yuan Lidan and Han Tingting



Coach of Table Tennis Team: Wang Junpeng



Coach of Taekwondo Team: Guo Yanhua