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Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratories and Instrumentation Facility

Research Laboratories

The majority of the laboratories and offices of the faculty inethnical medicine laboratory ( a third-class national laboratory for scientific research in Chinese traditional medicine). These laboratories are well-equipped for cutting-edge research in natural products, bioactive molecules, cellular/molecular biology, metabolism and disposition, pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, chemistry, chemical biology and in vivo animal studies.


State-of-the-art equipments for performing research in the several multidisciplinary areas of research performed are available to all School of Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty. It connects to faculty laboratories, conference rooms and glass washing room.

Instrumentation Facility includes:

  • 600 MHz NMR with Cryoprobe      (Bruker)

  • liquid chromatography/mass      spectrophometers (Thermo LTQ Orbitrap Elite)

  • ultracentrifuges (Sorvall LYNX4000)

  • high performance liquid      chromatographs ( agilent, waters, diane)

  • spectrophotometers, including gas      chromatographs, physiographs

  • fluorescence and circular      dichroism spectrometers

  • peptide synthesizer,

  • fluorescent and UV/visible plate      readers

  • cell culture facilities

  • phosphoimager

  • flow cytometer (Becton Dichinson)

  • fermentor

  • atomic Absorption Spectrometer

  • real-time PCR

  • and miscellaneous equipment