• Undergraduate Education


The curriculum for this program includes the fundamental knowledge, theories and skills in pharmacy, chemistry, biology, medical science, and some professional courses about minority medicine. The program aims to train advanced professional compound talents who have solid basic knowledge and  a wide range of professional knowledge; who can engage in the analysis of chemicals, traditional Chinese medicine, natural medicine(including minority medicine) and biological medicine, clinical rational medication, medicine production and administration, medicine marketing, and the research and development of new medicine. The graduates can manage medical research and development, production, inspection, management and marketing in various kinds of medical research and development units, medical universities, medical producing and trading enterprises, hospitals, drug control institutes, pharmacy administration and pharmaceutical information units. This is a four-year undergraduate program which recruits science students.

Pharmaceutical Science

In this program, students are required to learn the fundamental theories, knowledge and skills in chemistry, biology, pharmacy and other relevant subjects. They are supposed to master the professional knowledge of organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering principles, medical chemical, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical analysis, industrial pharmacy, bio-pharmacy, the design of pharmaceutical equipment and workshop. This program aims to cultivate advanced professional talents in pharmaceutical dosage design, pharmaceutical engineering, the research and development of new medicine, medicine production and quality analysis, medicine inspection and administration, etc. The graduates are able to do the pharmaceutical dosage form design, research, preparation, production and quality control in different kinds of medical research and development units, medical universities, pharmaceutical commercial enterprises, hospitals, pharmacy administration units and drug control institutes. This is a four-year undergraduate program which recruits science students.

Chemical Biology

This program is a new-rising subject which comprehensively integrates chemistry, biology, and medical science. Apart from the basic courses of chemistry, this program mainly includes other courses of chemical biology, bioinorganic chemistry, bio-analytical chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, biophysics, structural biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, molecular genetics, natural pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, drug molecular design, and medicine synthesis. For the needs of scientific research in the intersection of chemistry and biology, and the development of pharmaceutical high technological industry, this program cultivates high-qualified compound talents who possess solid basic theories and knowledge of chemistry and biology, who have adept experimental skills in chemistry and biology, and who have the basic abilities in the medical development research and the research of the intersection of chemistry and biology. The graduates can choose to continue their study as a postgraduate student of chemistry, biology or pharmacy through examination; or to do the research, teaching, technical and administration work in fields of pharmacy, biotechnology, food, chemistry, life science, etc. This is a four-year undergraduate program which recruits science students.

Pharmaceutical Analysis

This program aims to cultivate advanced talents of applied scientific technology who can systematically master the basic theories, knowledge and experimental skills in pharmaceutical analysis. It trains the students’ abilities in the chemical pharmaceutical preparation, quality inspection of Chinese medicine (minority medicine) and its pharmaceutical preparation, and pharmaceutical quality monitoring. The graduates can manage the technical work of medicine inspection, medicine administration, new medicine research and development, medicine production and management, clinical rational medication in pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmaceutical import and export corporations, medicine inspection departments, pharmaceutical trading companies, hospital pharmacies or other pharmaceutical enterprises or public institutes; they can also engage in the technical work of equality inspection in food, health care products, cosmetics, or other chemical products.