The academic salon of School of Marxism was held successfully
A Mental Health Lecture Taking place in School of Marxism
Our school successfully held an English speech contest
Our school has been selected into 10 key Marxist colleges in Hubei province
Our School undergraduates participated in the 33rd university sports meeting
Free Reading · Book Giving Program
Our School Successfully Held the 2018 Postgraduate Amusement Sports Meeting
The supervision and inspection of social sciences projects was carried out successfully
The Situation Since New Semester Works Smoothly
SCUEC’s "Theoretical hot spots face-to-face" demonstration site achieved excellence five times in a row.
All ideological and political teachers of our school went to Yan'an for practical study
The school convened the 2018 commendation and mobilization conference for undergraduate internship and training work
The 7th Navigation Gap came to a successful conclusion
The seventh session of "Navigation Cup" practical education festival of the competition which named "I am the most beautiful college
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