The Marxism School of SCUN is an independent section-level teaching unit, being responsible for undergraduates, graduates and doctors’ politic theory course and research. It was firstly established as the Marxism and Leninism Course Division in 1986, and then combined with the Ideology and Morality Research Office, named as the Social Science Division; in 2006 the school of Ideology Political Education was set up and in 2011 it was renamed as the school of Marxism.

Recently the school is consisting of Ideology and Politics Education Department, Marxism Principle Research Office, Marxism Generality Research Office, Marxism Basics Research Office, Marxism Outline Office and the Public Politic Theoretic Course Research Office. Besides, it also has other academic institutes: the Theory Research Office of Marxism, the Research Center of Ideology and Politics Education (the base of humanity), the Research Office of Ethnic Minority Issue with Communist Party and the national region development research Centre.

The faculty of the school includes fifty-five staffs, forty-nine of which are full-time teachers while six are part-time teachers. Among the faculties, there are 13 professors, 25 associate professors, one doctoral supervisor, 23 postgraduate teachers and 31 doctors (including the postgraduates). In addition, many famous professors and experts have been invited as part-time professors or visiting professors: Deng Yongting from Sun Yat-sen University, Wu Qiantao of Tsinghua University, the former state social science planning bureau officer Zhang Guozuo; Ding Junping, Shen Zhuanghai and Li Bingxiong from Wuhan University, Wang Binglin from Beijing Normal University, Qing Zaidong, Liu Congde from Central China Normal University, Liu Xingeng from Zhongnan University.
Our school begins to enroll graduates of Marxism theory and ideology politic education directions since 1999. Graduates majored in Marxism basic principle and ideology politics education direction, and the undergraduates majored in Ideology education was enrolled since 2008. In the year of 2011, the school of Marxism gained the first-level master’s degree program of Marxism Theory, and begins to enroll graduates. The whole school has 90 graduates and 200 undergraduates.