We have one major in this period: the ideology and politic theory education.
The students of this major will have curriculum as following: Basic politics, Basic ethnology. Management , Ethics, Education, Introduction to Sociology, Social Psychology, Introduction to Law, Public Relations, Organizational Behavior, the Outline of Enterprise Culture, Common Logic, Ideology and Political Education Principal, Ideology and Political Education Methodology, Ideology and Political Education History of Communist Party, Relatively Ideology and Politics Education,  Elections of Marxism Works on Ideological and Political Education, the Psychology of Ideology and Politic Education, Analysis on Ideological and Political Education Cases, the Ideological and Political Education Online, the Youth , Custom, Social Survey Method, the Application of Social Statistical Software, the Science of Leading , Modern Thoughts and Ideology Education in the West , World Economy and Policy in Modern World, Psychological Counseling and Tutorship.
This major tries to cultivate versatile talents with knowledge background of multiple courses , ability and sense to deal with the modern management ; and talents who can be competent for teaching and research work in the school as well as competent for  theory broadcasting , secretary, human resources and other management occupations.
It’s a 4-year undergraduate major, enrolling students of arts .