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Professor Wang Xinqing from University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences lectured at School of Marxism

Time:2019-05-05   Writer:Jiang Huimin   Click:

On April 26, 2019, Professor Wang was invited to give a lecture inthe room 501, building 1. The lecture was jointly organized by the school and the sub-center, which in South-Central University for Nationalities, of the research center of Socialist Theory with Chinese Characteristicsin Hubei province. The seminar was attended by Dean Yang, vice Dean Zhang, executive director of the center Yan, teachers of the school, researchers of the center and graduate students of localization of Marxism in China.

Professor Wang reported about the essence of Xi Jinping’s law-based governance of China, combining history of legal thought and practice at all times and in all countries with Theory and Practice of Socialist Construction with Chinese Characteristics and explained its core principles, the main content and significance comprehensively and systematically. He discussed them from four following aspects. Firstly, President Xi has raised the significance of advancing the law-based governance of China to a new level and we must correctly understand it, namely, long-term governance relying on law, great power governance using law, the handling of contradictions and risks being in accordance with the law, the rule of law being the only way to finish building a moderately prosperous society and smoothly realize modernization. And historical experience and lessons have proved that the rule of law is an indispensable and important means of governance. Secondly, President Xi has put forward that the leadership of the Party is the most essential feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the most fundamental guarantee of socialist rule of law. The system of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the fundamental institutional basis for the system of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics and the fundamental institutional guarantee for comprehensively advancing the rule of law. Thirdly, President Xi has proposed to improve the Party's leadership and governance in the context of the rule of law and run the country in accordance with the constitution and the law, with giving full play to the Party's core leadership role in exercising overall leadership and coordinating the work of all parties.

The lecture was presided over by Dean Yang, who, on behalf of all teachers and students, extended a warm welcome to Professor Wang and introduced the teachers and the theme of the meeting. Professor Yan, made a summary of the meeting and thanked Professor Wang for his excellent report.