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The third academic salon of School of Marxism was held successfully

Time:2019-04-22   Writer:Jiang Huimin   Click:

On the afternoon of April 16th, the third academic salon of this semester, whose theme was on how to choose the subject of the research and how to study it, was held in the room 501, building 1 . Professor Fu Ping, the dean of School of Sociology of Central China Normal University, was invited to give a keynote report. The salon was hosted by Professor Liu Guosheng, with part of the graduate students and many teachers attending it, namely Li Haibo, Su Yongxi, Deng Chunyu, Yang Fang, Ding Bo, Liu Jinpeng, Wang Shanping, Xiong Fang, Zhang Ruimin, Zhang Taohua, Wei Dajiang, Gu Xiuqing and so on.

The topic of the report delivered by Professor Fu Ping was "problem presentation and theoretical framework construction in case study". First of all, Professor Fu emphasized the importance of selecting a topic and proposing a meaningful question, taking examples to illustrate the five types of problems in case study, and explained the role of theory in case study. Then he explained the ways to find problems, namely observation, listening. and put forward the idea of the three main ways following. First, research should be in a specific academic context or a specific theory, from the theoretical shortcomings of the issue. Second, starting from theoretical or empirical confusion, the study focuses on understanding or explaining typical phenomena, puzzles or paradoxes presented in cases. Third, the empirical explanation and the theory advancement should be paid equal attention to. Finally, Professor Fu explained the construction of the theoretical framework in the case study, mainly from the concept, characteristics and types and strategies of the theoretical framework., As for how to construct a strong theoretical framework, he said ,it is necessary to read more classical literature and be familiar with classical research and theory and a "toolbox" of theories should be built around the topic of discovery or research problem. In addition, the observation of daily life is of great importance. All the teachers who attended the academic salon held a heated discussion on Professor Fu's presentation.

Professor Liu made a comprehensive summaryofthis salon. “Philosophy is closely linked to sociology and we draw inspiration from the report presented by Professor Fu,” he said. The atmosphere of the academic salon was warm and everyone has benefited a lot.