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Our School Successfully Held the "New Era Ideological and Political Education Innovation and Development" Summit Forum

Time:2019-05-21   Writer:Huang Chunli   Click:

"New Era Ideological and Political Education Innovation and Development" Summit Forum was jointly held on May 18th by the Institute and the Research Center for Minority Students' Ideological Education,the key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences in Hubei Province.This forum aims to further carry outthe spirit of the speechGeneral Secretary Xi Jinping, clarify the new goals of the ideological and political education innovation and development in the new era, implement the new requirements put forward by the Party Central Committee for the teachersand explore new approachesto takethe ideological and political class effectively and develop socialist education with Chinese characteristicsat the Ideological and Political Theory Teachers' meeting.BianJing,the secretary of the school party committee,gave a speech at the forum,which was then presided by Vice President Duan Chao.

There aremore than 150 experts,scholars, teachers and students representativesattending this meeting.They are respectively the headleaders fromthe Hubei Provincial Party Propaganda Department, the Hubei Provincial Social Science Federationand the Hubei Provincial Department of Education;50 or so teachers in chargeofMarxist school from the Wuhan University, Huazhong Normal University, Lanzhou University,ShanghaiJiaotong University,Xi'anJiaotong University, Central South University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,etc;and the media like Guangming Daily, Hubei Daily, China Education News, Jianghan Forum, Ideological and Theoretical Education, School Building and Ideological Education, Hubei Social Science, Theory Monthly.

The party secretary of the school expressed warm welcome to the leaders and experts,introducingthem the development ofusSouth-Center University For Nationalities, the construction of Marxist school andideological and political theory courses. He hoped that the experts and scholars at the meeting would closely combine the ideological characteristics with actual needs of the students in new era, accurately grasptheir routes ofgrowthand all-round and multi-angles needs in the new eraand explorenew ideas, new ways and new methods of ideological and political education.He appealed to combinethe promotion ofthe innovative development of ideological and political work with the solution ofthe difficultiesanddoubts encountered in the students' "growth and yieldperiod", foosting morality educationdeeper, more practical and more detailed.

This isa high-end forum withcontemporary and frontierfeature forideological and political education.The scholars attending the meeting proposed that ideological and political educators should take it as their own responsibility to train new generationwho shoulder the great missionof national rejuvenation.And they appeal that we should adhere to the guidance of problem consciousness, strengthen the confidence of subjects, and seriouslystudy the theoretical and practical problems of ideological and political educationso as to respond, targetly solvethe major problemand to improve the theoretical charm, value and innovative ability of ideological and political education in the new era. The success of the forum is of great significance for us to further study, implement the spirit of Xi Jinping's speechon March 8th, and constantly promote the innovation and development of ideological and political education.