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The academic salon of School of Marxism was held successfully

Time:2018-12-17   Writer:Wu Yanbing   Click:

School of Marxism held an academic salon at room 501, building 1, at 7:00 p.m. on December 11th. The theme of this academic salon is "the problem of weakening,fuzzing and marginalizing of primary Party organizations ". Professor Yi Xintao, Professor Liu Guosheng and Professor Zhang Ruimin delivered the lecture, and some graduate students also participated in the activity.

In the keynote speech, Professor Yi first explained the concept of weakening,fuzzing and marginalizing of primary Party organizations,he said it causes the deviation from basic position of primary Party organizations.It’s funcitons gradually declined,emerged from big to small,from real to virtual,from be to not.It present a constantly increasing degree of negative state in three kinds of organization.Secondly, professor yi discussed the weakening of primary Party organizations,fuzzing of primary Party organizations and marginalizing of primary Party organizations one by one. He believed that it was mainly reflected in the following five aspects: Imperfect organizational construction and uncoordinated development; The leader has low quality and ability. The exemplary vanguard role of party members is not fully played; The vitality of inner-party organization life is not strong; Weak and lax, organized but powerless. Finally, Professor Yi put forward four countermeasures on how to deal with the problem of weakening,fuzzing and marginalizing of primary Party organizations: Follow the party constitution; Clear understanding of the basic positioning; Grasp the main functions scientifically; Focus on solving main problems in the basic unit party building. The teachers who attended the academic salon held a heated and in-depth discussion on Professor Yi's topic report. Deng Chunyu, Zhang Taohua, Jiang Bangqin, Zhang Chunzhi, Yang Fang, Liu Guosheng, Dong Jie, Xiong Fang and other teachers as well as second year of graduate school Wang Wenyuan carried out in-depth theoretical exchanges on the issues as "the definition and essence of SanHua " and "the definition of primary Party organizations ", and expounded their respective views and understandings. The whole academic salon has a warm atmosphere and in-depth exchanges.

Professor Zhang Ruimin made a comprehensive comment on this salon. Professor Zhang believes that academic salon is an important way to promote academic exchanges between different disciplines and plays an important role in discipline construction and academic community construction. Today’s theme, logic and level of content and the research method taught by Professor Yi are very valuable, which is a good start for academic salon of the school.