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A Mental Health Lecture Taking place in School of Marxism

Time:2018-12-14   Writer:Guan Mengqi   Click:

On Dec. 6, 2018, an lecture for the class of 2018 was held by Teacher Ding Taiyi at the mental health education center of the Schoolat Room 411. Guidance counselor Liu Qian also attended the lecture.

The lecture theme is "Start the University Life with Your Heart Going on". From the point of the begining, Teacher Ding shed a light on the emotion, pointing out that it cuts both ways and analysing the contributes to negative emotions, and interpreting normal mentality and abnormal mentality, with solutions to negatives ones provided. The suggestions included autosuggestion, seeking help from professionals, and turning to other people. Meanwhile, she also offered dedicated mental assistance to attendees. In the end, Teacher Ding introduced Mental Health Room on the north part of campus to students and incentivized them to participate in relevant activities.

Through this lecture, the class of 2018 mastered what mental health is, how to build up a healthy mentality and how to acess mental consultancy. Welcomed by attendees' warm applause, the lecture hit a great success.