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Our school successfully held an English speech contest

Time:2018-12-05   Writer:Tan Qian   Click:

In the afternoon on 28th Nov., our schoolhad an English speech contest in the classroom 411,No.1 building .This competition is sponsored by the academic department of the youth league committee student union and students of all grades took an active part in it.

The theme of this speech contest are Dream,Quest and Destiny.This contest was divided into two parts:speech and question.The contestants presented their fluent oral English in the form of PPT and they are so comfortable answering questions from the judges that won the recognition and encouragement of the judges.In the meantime,the judges pointed out the shortcomings of the contestants,which corrected the contestants in English word pronunciation and grammar in the application of incorrect.In the end of this contest,contestants brang the atmosphere to a climax by singing and reciting in English.

After the judges’ discussion,class 2017 Li Xingmei won the first prize in the English speech contest,and she would represent the schoolin the school competition.This contest not only improved the students’ oral English,but also exercised their ability to cope with the situation and inspired their enthusiasm of English learning.