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Our school has been selected into 10 key Marxist colleges in Hubei province

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On November 23rd,publicity department of Hubei provincial party committee,provincial committee of higher education work committee and provincial department of education held a meeting in wuhan to promote the construction of key Marxist schools in hubei province.Our school has been selected into 10 key Marxist schools in hubei province,and party secretary of the university,Bian Jing signed the co-construction agreement with relevant departments on behalf of the school.

Since the work started,school party committee administration attaches great importance to it,and had held many special meetings to deploy the application work. Party secretary of the university,Bian Jing,the headmaster of our school,Li Jinlin and deputy secretary of party committee,Bai Jiangyuan attended on-site inspection meeting of the application experts.Besides,report the school and schoolsituation to relevant leaders and departments through different channels for many times.Many multiple functional departments like united front work department of party committee,propaganda department,and department of student affairs participated in the investigation and discussion of relevant departments of the province,and described the situation as well as requestedsupport.

In recent years,our schoolsurround closely the basic tasks that strengthen moral education and cultivate people,as well as deepen reform of teaching and discipline building. Besides,our schoolsticks to characteristic development in many fields like sinicization of Marxist national theory,building a moderately prosperous society in ethnic areas,and study on party building at the grass-roots level as well as national ideology and politics education.Therefore,the study of new ideas to promote the study and interpretation of the deepening.Marxist theory has become a key discipline in hubei province,and in the fourth round of national discipline assessment in 2017,it was rated as B-.In the meantime,the construction of the theoretical hot spot face-to-face demonsration site of the research center of socialism with Chinese characteristics in hubei province undertaken by our schoolhas won the commendation of the propaganda department of the provincial party committee for four times.

The schoolwill take hubei province key Marxism schoolconstruction as the opportunity,and will continue to follw the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.Besides,the schoolwill thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the national conference on propaganda and ideological work and the national education conference,and sticks to lay a solid foundation for schoolthrough teaching,and revitalize the schoolwith theory,as well as makes the schoolstronger through thought and politics,and open up to make the schoolwell. Finally,the schooltake an active part in the five ideological and political reforms,and work hard to advance the pattern of ideological and political work so that it can make new contributions for building a high-level national university which with distinctive features,and has a high status in the international community,as well as let the people be more satisfied.