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Undergraduate Programmes  


Economics BSc

Undergraduate  recruit Science and Arts students  4 years


The BSc Economics degree course focuses on developing talent of economic theory. Students will form a solid theoretical foundation in economics and master modern economic analysis methods through the systematic economic theory learning.


Modules mainly include Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, History of Economic Thought, and Economic Analysis Tools.


Graduates are able to engage in economic analysis, planning and management jobs at comprehensive economic management departments, policy research departments, financial institutions, and enterprises as well as to do teaching and research works at research institutes or universities.




International Economics and Trade BSc

Undergraduate  recruit Science and Arts students   4 years


The BSc International Economics and Trade degree course requires students to master the basic theory of the international economy and international trade, and grasp the basic knowledge and skills of international trade. Students will understand the status quo of contemporary international economic and trade development, familiar with the prevailing international trade schemes and conventions, as well as China's foreign trade policies and regulations.


Modules mainly include Western Economics, International Economics, International Trade Theory, International Finance, Money and Banking, International Marketing.


Graduates are able to start their careers at government, department concerning foreign affairs of financial institutions as economic analyst and project planner, or at all kinds of foreign companies and multinational corporations as decision-maker, manager and


consultant, or at research institutes or universities as teacher and researcher.




Finance BSc

Undergraduate  recruit Science and Arts students   4 years


The BSc Finance degree course ensures students mastering the basic theory of finance, having the basic ability to deal with the business of banking, securities, investment. Students will familiar with the policies and regulations relevant to financial, comprehend the forefront and the theoretical development.


Modules mainly include International Financial Management, Money and Banking, Financial Markets, Theory of Central Bank, Business Administration of Commercial Banks, Investment Banking, International Trade Theory, Security Investment Analysis, Financial Analysis, International Clearance, and Financial English.


Graduates will competent in management, teaching and research works at banks, securities business, investment corporations and the relative financial sectors




Insurance BSc

Undergraduate  recruit Science and Arts students   4 years


The BSc Finance degree course focus on training applied talents. Students will have the knowledge of insurance and related economic knowledge, can be engaged in the operation and management of commercial insurance, social insurance, insurance financial accounting. Students will match the following requirements through learning and training the contents required by the professional teaching programs:


1. Mastering basic theory and basic knowledge of economics, finance and insurance systematically, having good political qualities and reasonable knowledge structure.


2. Understand and master the basic knowledge of finance, labor and social security, law and other disciplines closely related to the insurance professional.


3. Studying and understanding the analysis methods which combine the normative and empirical, the qualitative and quantitative. Having certain analytical problem solving ability.


4. Being Concern about and understand of the development of the world economy, China's economic policies and dynamic forefront of insurance theory.


5.Having a high level of English, and good writing and computer skills. Advocating a combination of theory and practice. Encouraging students to take the social investigation and practices during the vacations of summer or winter.




Financial Engineering

Undergraduate  recruit Science students only   4 years


The BSc Financial Engineering degree course focused on disciplinary integration ability of finance, mathematics and computer. Students are required to master the basic theory of finance, and have excellent financial product analysis and design capability, as well as financial business operation and management capability.


Modules mainly include Financial Engineering, Financial Mathematics, Financial Derivatives Theory, Fixed Income Securities Theory, Securities Investment, Financial Databases and the Applications, Financial Risk Management.


Students are required to proficiency in dealing with the financial information, understand the modern financial trends and master the basic knowledge and skills of financial innovation, with the capacity of develop and design financial products and capacity of marketing, and can resolved financial and related issues independently.


Graduates are able to develop their career in government departments engaged in financial research, planning and management, and also can work in banks, funds management companies, securities, and other enterprises engaged in financial work.


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