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The Party members of the school of economics visit the education base activity in the Tong Shan community
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News of the Station(reporter: Yuan Huiwen and Kong Weixian)In order to further study and implementthe Spirits of the Report to the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, following the pace of ChairmanXi, the school of economics organized a visit to the party members education base of Tongshancommunity at noon on December 21. The leaders of the school of economics and some party members participated the activity.

Tong Shan community is planning innovation, managing innovation and servicing innovation. It is a vivid practice to fulfill the concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness, sharing and promoting the overall development of urban and rural integration.

At the reception center of the Tong Shan community, all the party members revisited the party oath face to the party flag and listened to the introduction of the overall development of the Tong Shan community.They also visited the conference room of ChairmanXi and learned the important speech spiritsfromChairmanXi’s visit to the Tong Shan community. Then, by watching the propaganda film of the comprehensive reform of the city, the party members learned about the process of coordinated development in ezhou. Therefore, they deeply  recognized the important role of reform and innovation in social development.

After visiting the reception center of theTong Shan community, they went to the LanYan base of Tong Shan.There, they mainly visited the raw material workshop. With the explanation of the commentator,they have a preliminary understanding of the environmental protection products of the new energy development of the LanYan base. Later, the party members of our college came to the Chu Yuxiang sharing ecological farm and ecological agriculture base inTong Shan. After the visit, they become more aware of the local development of Tong Shan.

This trip to the community of Tong Shan further deepens party members' understanding of the importance of urban-rural integration. All the members of the party have also grasped the spiritual connotation of Chairman Xi’s remarked on the development and construction of the new countryside, which he called you can see the mountains, see the water and remember the nostalgia. The majority of party members also said that they will apply this learning to work practices.


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