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School of Economics Held the Opening Ceremony and Enrollment Education Mobilization Meeting for the Freshman in the Year of 2017
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News of the Station(the reporter:Ma Zhu):On the night of September 19, 2017 school’s opening ceremony of school of economics and enrollment education meeting was held in the halls of academia. The ones to be present on this meeting included the Communist Party Secretary of the school of economics, Mali, the president, Cheng Aihua, deputy Communist Party Secretary, Hong Shengzhi, the vice president, ZhangYing, Libo, and teachers in charge of each department. The whole freshmen enrolled in 2017 attended the meeting, and the meeting was hosted by the deputy Communist Party Secretary, Hong Shengzhi.

The ceremony began with the colorful and varied propaganda film, which aroused cheers of the freshmen. And then, the deputy secretary, Hong Shengzhi, introduced the leaders and teachers at the meeting, meanwhile, the applause continued in the halls. With the majestic and impassioned national anthem, the meeting was officially started. Cheng Aihua, the president, expressed welcome to all the freshmen and introduced the school of economics profiles firstly. Meanwhile, he put forward the hope to the freshmen from the four aspects:firstly, don't forget to move on, encouraged them to possess both down-to-earth character and lofty ambition; secondely, to cherish the time and study hard, pursuit of excellence and seize the good time to realize yourselves; thirdly, to chase the dream and be brave in innovating, to have broad mind, to be the hard core of the industry and standout of the era; finally, to work hard and accumulate energy, keep enthusiastic of knowledge and to rise abruptly based on accumulated strength. And then, teachers' representative, ZhaoNan, a associate professor, refer to four principles of economics, Sunk Cost, Opportunity Cost, Externality and Discounting, which have strong School of economics’s characteristics. She also combined hem with college learning life as the wishes for the freshmen, that has gained wide attention.

In the the freshmen and older pupils speaking section, the freshman representative has expressed his idea, he said that he will learn and practice constantly to be the best himself.What’s more, he will use the college motto “Devote to Study Knowledge, Govern and Benefit The People” to push himself, and start with a positive attitude. The school of economics’s president of student union, Shi Xudong, shared experiences with direction, choice, learning and thankfulness. All students resonated with his sincere and humorous speaking.

After ceremony, the deputy Communist Party Secretary, Hong Shengzhi, with the point of “Don't forget your original intention and endeavor to success” to began the enrollment education. He pointed out firstly that similarity issue about college students, and then he used this issue as the orientation propose that: we’d better have goals and can judge and know yourself correctly, to develop the suitable interests, clear the assignment of every stage in four years of university; we’d better have a suitable learning method, make the most use of majors, classes, courses and internet, to promote yourselves during the communication; besides,we should cultivate good living and learning habits, cultivate good personality and enhance innovative and hands-on ability; we should strengthen the relationship of nations with mutual help and love, meanwhile he explained “eleven T(together)”, “the establishment ofnational unity, progress in dormitory” activities in detail and encourage students to join in them; we have to understand the essence of university and cultivate humanistic feelings. In the end, Hong Shengzhi, the deputy Communist Party Secretary, summarized with school motto, institute motto and students mental to put forward his wishes, he hoped students don’t forget the original intention and to move forward bravely.

What’s more, teaching secretaries of college, Tan Yuting, explained the teaching work in detail. That about credit system and training program, course selecting and evaluation of teaching, notifications and matters of teaching. All students on the scene were taking notes, and have benefited from it. 2017 class counsellors Zhang Zhuyun and Lei Changsheng introduced psychological health education, interpersonal dealing and so on by media means such as short videos, which received high response and attention from all the students.


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