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Practice for Progress, Practice for Truth – 2018 “Sanxiaxiang” Social Practice Oral Defense in the School of Economics Held Successfully
Time:2018-09-21      Number :

By Bao Yuqi

On the night of September 13th, the School of Economics (SE) held the second summer social practice oral defense of 2018 at conference room 815 in No.15 classroom building. After scrutinized rigorously, eighteen groups succeed in reaching the final, taking questions from the judges – professors Chen Zuhai and Zhang Libin, associate professor Gao Huayun and deputy secretary of the Party Committee.

The oral defense consisted of two parts which were results reporting and judges commenting. During the session of reporting, “Xiaoxiang Squad” conducted an analysis about the influence factors of peasants willing to participate in E-Commerce training. They took Xinhua county, Hunan Province a typical study, analyzing deeply the current situation of the training, which exactly had practical significance.

Yizhihua Volunteer Group” attained the support and praise from Jinshi town government through twenty-five-day teaching activity at local primary school, helping them expand enrollment and making a great contribution for local students with spirit of selflessness.

“League of Agricultural Machinery” Group conducted research about the issues of unbalanced and inadequate development in the Service System of Agricultural Machinery Socialization under the background of Rural Revitalization Strategy. During the research, they had attained some academic gains.

Each group had reviewed their experiences and thoughts in this oral defense. In the meantime, judges had given their comments to each group about their performance. The scene had an air of enthusiasm. For the study of economic transition at three islands of Jing nationality in Guangxi Province, conducted by “Village Walking” Group, judges pointed out that the topic was novel and clear, but “should focus on promotion instead of transition”. Apart from that, the judges said that some of groups should attach importance to the text specification and content.   

The “Sanxiaxiang” social practice oral defense of this time not only offered an opportunity for each group to perfect the results through suggestions and guidance of the judges, but also promoted communication between teachers and students.  

(Edited by Chang Yiting, Deng Zhaocheng)


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