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Parent’s Meeting for freshmen of 2018 in the School of Economics Held Successfully
Time:2018-09-21      Number :

By Wang Jingjing

On the morning of September 6th, the parent’s meeting for freshmen of 2018 at the School of Economics was held successfully at conference room 1006 in No.15 classroom building. This time the main school leaders present were Dean of the School of Economics Cheng Aihua, associate dean Zhang Ying and Li Bo, secretary of Youth League committee Yang Jie, counselors of 2018 Zhang Hong and Lu Rui as well as each specialty head. Some of parents attended the meeting. And the host was Li Chunlei----deputy secretary of the Party Committee.

At the beginning of the conference, dean Ai Chenghua delivered a speech. He extended his warmest welcome to all the parents that could come. He pointed out that the School of Economics had been on top in every aspect at the university in the past year, which would bring a better studying and living environment for new students. This year, our department’s enrollment in various provinces has been heading for a better direction, which ensured the quality of students enrolled to some extent. Subsequently, heads of each specialty introduced the advantages of their specialties and the new trends in the postgraduate entrance exam. As the new generation of our department, the new should set a goal promptly, define their position and plan college life reasonably.

In the Q&A session, parents raised their questions which were almost about the postgraduate examination and employment, and the specialty heads replied to all of them. The counselors Zhang Hong and Lu Rui also patiently answered questions about domiciliary transfer and transfer of archives. The conference was full of harmony.

The parent’s meeting had helped parents got to know more about each specialty, and promoted the freshmen work in our department.  

(Edited by Deng Zhaocheng)


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