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Leaders of the School of Economics going to Huanggang for Practical Training of Students
Time:2018-09-21      Number :

By Chen Dandan

On July 17th, leaders of the School of Economics (SE)including secretary of the Party Committee Ma Li, deputy secretary of the Party Committee Li Chunlei and associate dean Li Bo went to Huanggang to know the situation of the practical training of students in our department. The host of the welcoming forum was Li Lin – secretary and director of Party Organization of National Bureau of Religious Affairs in Huanggang.

At the very beginning, director Li Lin warmly welcomed the leaders from our department. Later on, Li introduced the general situation of nationality and religion work in Huanggang and cooperation with South-Central University for Nationalities (SCUFN) as well as the social internship of the five students of us. Director Li Lin said they would manage and serve these college students accurately and promoted their learning through guiding at work and caring in life.

Secretary Ma Li expressed her gratitude to Huanggang for deepening cooperation with SCUFN, particularly the opportunity of social internship offered to our students. Ma encouraged interns to learn more, watch more, work more and actively display good style of students from SCUFN. Secretary Ma hoped for increasing cooperation with National Bureau of Religious Affairs in Huanggang and a lot more in the near future.

Subsequently, school leaders went to the Tuanfeng Rural Commercial Bank and Social Security Bureau to visit students and get to know their work. It’s learned that the number of students in SE going to Huanggang for practical training this summer exceeded forty, which was nearly the half of those students taking part of social internship in SCUFN.  

(Edited by Deng Zhaocheng)


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