Experimental Teaching Center of Ethnic Fine Arts
South-central University for nationalities
Experimental Teaching Center of Ethnic Fine Arts
Experimental Teaching Center of Ethnic Fine Arts
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The Experimental Teaching Center of Ethnic Fine Arts was established in September, 2004, with integration of educational resources from SFA, South-China Ethnic Minorities Research Center, South-China Ethnic Minorities Traditional Handicrafts Inheritance and Protection Center, Ethnology Museum, Ethnic Minority Classic Literature Base, Ethnic Minority Fine Arts Research Institute, Ethnic Minority Clothing Research Institute and Optical Valley Fine Arts Gallery of South-central University for Nationalities.

The center establishes labs under the guideline of comprehensive planning, overall construction, unified management and sharing of resources. With funding from national Ministry of Finance and special funds of the university, presently we have built 15 labs or workshops, 4 computer rooms, 6 independent multi-media classrooms for specialties of ethnic fine arts, ethnic clothing, artistic design and cartoon.

The center is managed by the director who is appointed by the university. The 2-leverl administration guarantees scientific management and high-efficiency operation.

The center aims at cultivation of students artistic innovation and practical skills, serving researches of traditional ethnic fine arts and experimental teaching for undergraduate. The experimental teaching consists of three modules respectively in basic knowledge, comprehensive knowledge and innovation. With the experimental teaching, students interest is aroused towards folk fine arts of southern ethnic minorities, and their professional quality and innovative capacities are also enhanced.

After its establishment, the center has experimental and practical teaching as the core task. Making use of traditional fine arts and handicrafts of ethnic minorities, and combining traditional handicrafts with modern scientific technologies, we have formed the educational characteristic of integrating traditional ethnic handcrafts into contemporary design. All these provide a favorable experimental and practicing platform of undergraduate design and fine arts teaching. In the Undergraduate Teaching Quality Assessment of Ministry of Education in 2006, our experimental teaching won appraisal from several experts.

In 2007, the center was awarded as first batch of Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstrative Center for fine arts by Education Department of Hubei Province;

   In 2008, after over 1-year construction of Experimental Engineering, the center took part in assessment for the first time for national Experimental Demonstrative Center in fine arts;

   In November, 2009, the center was formerly announced by Ministry of Education as a national Experimental Demonstrative Center in fine arts.