Qingning Team of School of Fine Arts Goes to Enshi to Carry Out Volunteer Service of "Watching Wuling"
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Qingning Team of School of Fine Arts Goes to Enshi to Carry Out Volunteer Service of "Watching Wuling"
Qingning Team of School of Fine Arts Goes to Enshi to Carry Out Volunteer Service of "Watching Wuling"
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On January 14, the Qingning Team of the School of Fine Arts of South-central University for Nationalities went to Gaoping Experimental Middle School in Laifeng County, Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province to carry out the project Watching Wuling- Accompanying Left-behind Children at Wuling Mountain. The activities include art teaching, donation of materials, collective activities and special exhibitions for left-behind children.The team was led by Pan Xiaojie, an undergraduate of the School of Fine Arts. After nearly 20 hours' drive, the team members arrived at Gaoping Experimental Middle School safely.

On the morning of 15th January, five volunteers from the Qingning Team and 64 left-behind children from the school attended the ceremony.The opening ceremony was held.At the opening ceremony, Zhou Shaoyou, Vice President of Gaoping Experimental Middle School, and Liu Yuqing, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, warmly welcomed the volunteers from South-central University for Nationalities, and encouraged the students of Gaoping Experimental Middle School to cherish time, integrate into the collective, earnestly study art knowledge, broaden their horizons, and learn the spirit of volunteer service and dedication.

Later, a donation ceremony was held. The Qingning Team donated toiletries to the students and said that although thousands of miles apart, the volunteers of South-central University for Nationalities were always concerned about the development of Wuling Mountain Area and the progress of their studies. They also hoped that the students would strive hard and study hard to become people beneficial to the country and society in the future.

Gaoping Experimental School in Laifeng County is a model nine-year government-funded boarding school in Wuling Mountain Area. Most of the students are left-behind children in Laifeng County, Wuling Mountain Area. They come from remote villages and towns. Their parents go out to work for a long time. Although their basic life and basic education are guaranteed, their aesthetic and artistic education is very weak, and they lack funds, facilities and professional teachers for art education. The backward educational conception and other factors make these children in the mountains unable to enjoy good art education.After the earlier contact by Yang Chen and Tian Haoran, members of the postgraduate branch of Voluntary Teachers of South-central University for Nationalities, the Qingning branch of the School of Fine Arts decided to make use of the winter vacation to give aesthetic guidance to 64 students from poverty-alleviating families in the school. They carry out art education to students in a planned and systematic way, so as to improve their aesthetic consciousness and ability to better cope with life and society. 

In the next week, the Qingning Team will carry out art teaching and collective activities, including art appreciation, paper-cut handicraft courses, quality development activities, and hold a special painting exhibition after class.Watching Wuling volunteer service project is focused on improving aesthetic education of primary and secondary school students in Wuling Mountain Area. Through donation, art teaching, collective activities and book donation, it helps to alleviate poverty through education.

Author: Pan Xiaojie

Photo: Jiang Yujie

Review:Zhang Xing