The 4th Art Fair of the School of Fine Arts
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The 4th Art Fair of the School of Fine Arts
The 4th Art Fair of the School of Fine Arts
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From March 29 to 30, the 4th Art Fair of the School of Fine Arts was held between the 1st and 2nd canteens in the South District. The theme of this art fair is Value of Beauty, focusing on displaying the image and artistic value of art through animation peripheral products, handicrafts and paintings.

At the beginning of the activity, the Street Dance Team of the Arts Troupe of the School of Fine Arts danced the ethnic dance bamboo pole dance. In the pleasant music and brilliant dancing gestures, the teachers and students of the school came to watch it.

This Art Fair includes 37 booths, displaying hand-made earrings, oil paintings, hand-made ornaments, postcards and so on.Every stall owner made fun of their creative stalls. Each stall owner has the opportunity to contact with students and share their happiness of handcrafting in person.At noon, hundreds of students visited the booth in warm atmosphere.

During the period of two days, the art fair fully demonstrates the students' love for life and innovation. The various kinds of handicraft works conveys the concept and value of beauty, and provides an opportunity for people to get close contact with art and beauty.This art fair not only invites students on campus to attend, but also invites some graduates and alumni entrepreneurship team to participate, which achieved good results.

Author: Qi Yaxin

Photography: Wang Chenchen and Dai Han

Review: Zhang Xing and Yu Qianzi