Law School Held Midterm Teaching Forum
Author:王莉娟 Time:2018-05-11

On April 23, 2018, our college held a mid-term teaching seminar in the 219th meeting room. The meeting was hosted by Vice President Huang Jun. School-level supervisor Cheng Congrong and representatives of teachers and students of the law school attended the meeting.The teachers and students expressed their opinions freely, and put forward their own opinions on the issues related to teaching, such as the evaluation of teachers’ teaching quality, the improvement of study style, teaching methods and teaching equipment.Vice President Huang Jun and Cheng Congrong responded to the teachers and students' suggestions.In the end, Vice President Huang Jun and Cheng Congrong had a high degree of concluding, hoping that through the symposium, a bridge of communication between schools and teachers could be established to promote the continuous development of school teaching.