Symposium about Regulations on the Protection and Utilization of Selenium Resources Held in Law School
Author:王莉娟 Time:2018-04-10



The expert symposium about Regulations on the protection and utilization of selenium resources in enshi tujia and miao autonomous prefecture was held in our school.

On the afternoon of March 26, the symposium was held at the academic communication center. Yonggao Wang,director of The foreign affairs committee of the national religious affairs of Hubei people's congress; Jingang Chen, vice director of the committee;  Sicheng Wang, secretary general of the committee; Yujie Zhu , chief engineer of Hubei Food and drug administration;  Shuiyuan Chen, vice secretary of the party committee of Wuhan Polytechnic University; The related person of Hubei Economic and information technology commission, Department of science, Enshi Academy of agricultural sciences, etc; Jing Bian, the Party secretary of our school and scholars of faculty of law attended the symposium. In the discussion, experts and scholars have made a lot of comments and Suggestions. Finally,  the chairperson Yonggao Wang summed up the symposium.