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    Dr. Carabineiro delivered a speech in our collenge


    In the morning of March 20, Dr. Carabineiro from University of Lisbon, Portugal, delivered a speech, entitled Nanostructured Catalysts for Industrial and Environmentally Important Reactions, in our collenge. In her speech, Dr. Carabineiro introduced her recent research in Au nanoparticle-based catalysis. After her speech, Dr. Carabineiro also visited the lab of environmental functional materials in our college.

    Sónia Carabineiro got her Ph.D. degree in 2001 in Chemical Engineering (Catalysis) at the NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal. Then she was a post doc at the University of Leiden, Netherlands (2001-2003), and the University of Lisbon (2004-2007). She was Assistant Researcher (2008-2013) and Principal Researcher (2013-2018) at Porto University. Since 2016, she is a Collaborator Researcher of Center of Structural Chemistry of the University of Lisbon. Her current research interests deal with catalysis by gold nanoparticles, mixed metal oxides, nanostructured carbon materials, oxidation and hydrogenation reactions, degradation and adsorption of air and water pollutants, and heterogenisation of homogenous metal complexes. She is currently one of the top female reviewers in the world.

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