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    Prof. Jie Sun’s manuscript was published in Journal of Hazardous Materials


    Prof. Jie Sun’s manuscript entitled “Remarkable improved electro-Fenton efficiency by electric-field-induced catalysis of CeO2” was published in Journal of Hazardous Materials. Graduated student Wei Ren is the first author of the manuscript.



    In this study, we designed a novel combined electro-Fenton system for the treatment of wastewater containingbiological recalcitrant using electric-field-induced ceria (CeO2) as the synergistic catalysts. It was found that byapplying this CeO2 electro-Fenton system, the current efficiency improved from 74.49% to 109.82% within2.5 min; the removal efficiency for dimethyl phthalate (DMP) increased from 85.5% to 94.9% within 20 min; andthe mineralization rate increased from 76.01% to 93.58% after 120 min. The effects of parameters such as theapplied potential, electrolyte, and concentration of Fe2+ on the current efficiency were systematically studied.Investigations by LSV, zeta titration, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) andelectron spin resonance (ESR) revealed the reasons for achieving a current efficiency of over 100% in the CeO2electro-Fenton system. A mechanism that involved Brønsted acid sites and the redox cycle of sulfate CeO2 wasproposed.

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