The holding of Professor Wang Zhan-jun’s lecture at School of Education
Author: Time:2016-10-31

On the morning of October 20th, Professor Wang Zhan-jun from Institute of Education, Tshinghua University, was invited to give an academic exchange forum with faculty and students of School of Education at teachers’ workshop of Faculty Development. This forum was presided over by vice dean Professor Kang Cui-ping.

In this meeting, faculty and students spoke positively, with active atmosphere. Professor Wang held that there are two opportunity periods for graduate students to develop in new situation, so he encourages faculty and students to innovate their thinking modes and the way of thinking, and promote cooperative learning among graduate students, which leads to mutual improvement. Lastly, he answered a series of questions faculty and students concerned, such as employment orientation, Construction of academic degree system, professional studies, management system, “University double class construction” strategy.