The holding of Professor Li Sheng-bing’s lecture at School of Education
Author: Time:2016-05-04

On the afternoon of April 27th, Professor Li Sheng-bing, who is from South China Normal University, gave a lecture on “One Belt And One Road with internationalization of higher education” at teachers’ workshop of Faculty Development. The lecture was presided over by vice dean Kang Cui-ping, other faculty and students of School of Education attended.

Firstly, Professor Li took analysis of One Belt And One Road from historical background, today’s background and China’s background, and introduced the background, contend value of this strategy, then investigated the important roles higher education plays in talent support, intelligence support, culture understanding and economic and trade escort. Finally, he gave some valued advices in terms of organization, policy, system and tactics after a thorough survey of current situation and problems of internationalization of higher education.