The holding of the Fifth Session of the Academic Forum at School of Education
Author: Time:2016-05-04

On the afternoon of April 28th, the School of Education held the Fifth Session of Academic Forum at Multi-functional Conference Hall of Center for Faculty Development, South Central University for Nationalities.

The speakers were Dr. Yu Yong-qing and master degree candidate in 2014 grade, Zhao Zi-yu. The forum theme of Dr. Yu was “academic research: from rational planning——what I have learnt from doing research of educational history?” He shared his research experiences in terms of research areas, subject selected, data collection and paper writing. He held that doing research should give priority to your interest, supplemented by your supervisor, and give consideration to disciplinary background. When selecting topics, remember to think big and start small, and combine macro view and micro view. Besides, he shared some methods of handling research data and skills of paper writing. He also considered, it should follow this rule to be an excellent researcher: diligence+persistence+innovation= an excellent researcher.

The topic of Zhao Zi-yu was “ the construction of teaching resource in colleges and universities——based on the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship education”. She analysed the internal logic between teaching resources and innovation and entrepreneurship education, then proposed main problems among teaching resources under this concept. Finally, the two speakers interacted with faculty and students present.