The holding of Professor Yu Wen-ming’s lecture at School of Education
Author: Time:2016-05-04

On the morning of April 29th, Professor Yu Wen-ming, from Shenyang Normal University, gave a lecture on “the first concern for governance of university and college”. This lecture was presided over by dean Feng Xiang-dong, and managers from relevant functional departments, other faculty and post graduate students attended.

Professor Yu held that the principal thing of governance among higher education institution is to coordinate multi-subject interests. Firstly, he put forward the difference between university management and university governance, then argued the necessity of heading from management to governance, and it is a big challenge for university system that the generation of multi-subject has been setup. In the process of governance, the university has faced a lot of problems, such as absence of government, rights and interests for students cannot be realized and so on. Finally, he thought the fundamental solution is to face this multi-subject structure, and coordinate muti-stakeholders, in order to promote university system in a more rational and sound way.