The Successful Opening Report Research on the Effectiveness of College Preparatory School at School of Education
Author: Time:2016-10-28

On the night of October 22th, the opening report “Research on the Effectiveness of College Preparatory School”, was held by the research base of National Education Policies and Regulations at Teachers’ Workshop of Faculty Development, with project cooperated by the National Education Development Center. Many teachers and students attended this meeting, like Professor Sun mian-tao from Shenyang Normal University, Professor Yang Ying-xiu from Northeast Normal University. Our faculties also attended the meeting, like Professor Tian En-shun, Professor Kang Cui-ping, vice Professor Hu Bing-xian, teacher Jiang Yong-hong, Doctor Zhang Qiong and some students. The meeting was hosted by Professor Kang Cui-ping.

At first, vice professor Hu Bing-xian made the opening report. The report was about seven parts which were the reasons for choosing the topic, literature review, research design, the expected results and the progress arrangement. At the same time, the experts gave a highly praise from different parts.

Professor Sun, Professor Yang, Professor Kang and Professor Tian put forward valuable advice. At last, all the experts agreed the research plan and research design of the program because the report was complete, the purpose and the method were clear.

The atmosphere of the meeting was active. The Task Group made a decision that they would profoundly promote the project research and the other base parts. They would try their best to make good results.