The Holding of Mid-term Student Forum at School of Education
Author: Time:2016-11-02

On October 31th, the mid-term symposium was held by the institute in order to cooperate with the review of the school, and to make better communication between teachers and students,
Wang Lei, the vice dean of the school, Hong Lei ,the vice secretary of party committee, Zhang Yan, the teaching Secretary, and the education department representative Wang Sheng-yun, as well as the Teach and Technical Department representative Huang Chuan-hui , and the director of Applied Psychology Zhao Dong-mei attended the meeting. The representatives of each class also attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Wang Lei.
At the beginning, Wang Lei, introduced the teachers and students who attended this meeting and stressed on the opinions and suggestions, which the college would try to implement.
Then, the student representatives stated the advice of each class. And the faculty’s representative made a detailed explanation and gave a summary according to the words from the students. Wang Sheng-yun claimed that“Students and teachers should strengthen communication and exchanges to make teachers learn more about the students’ situations and requirements.”
Finally, Hong Lei ,the vice Secretary summarized: the needs of students would be satisfied by our school. The faculties of school would work together in order and discuss the collected suggestions to achieve the purpose of this meeting.