The Holding of the Chinese Education Policy and Law Research Branch of the 2016 Academic Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Education at School
Author: Time:2016-10-28

The Education Policy and Law Research Branch of the 2016 Academic Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Education (CSE) was held in our school on Oct. 22nd-23rd. There were more than 100 experts from almost 40 universities attended this meeting. The Ministry of Education Development Research Center, Deputy Director Han Min was invited to attend the meeting. Some faculties and all graduates from School of Education also attended the meeting. The meeting was mainly held by CSE and School of Education was also responsible for it.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Prof. Tian Eneshun, the Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Education. Vice President Yang Sheng-cai attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He introduced the current development of South-central University for Nationalities and Institute of Education, and stressed that the meeting was held under the background of Chinese education, law and society. On the one hand, the meeting will have a far-reaching impact on the process of Chinese law. On the other hand, it would enhance Chinese educational policy and legal science research theory and practice innovation level. After that, it would promote the discipline construction of our school’s educational level.

The academic annual meeting was divided into “theme report” and “panel discussion”. In the topic report session, the Professor Lao Kai-sheng illustrated the theory and dilemma of Education Governance from six aspects. Deputy Director Han Min from Education Development Research Center of the Ministry of Education shared his ideas which covered modernization of education, and educational governance modernization, the enlightenment of the better governance theory, 2030 UNESCO and some tasks and connotations of educational modernization. vice president of Anhui University, Professor Cheng Yan-lei entitled the report named “Legal Reflections on the Phenomenon of Chinese Colleges and Universities”. Professor Liu Fu-xing, who was the vice president of Northwest Normal University reported the content “the Trend of Educational Reform and the Transformation of Educational policy”. Professor Sun Mian-tao, the Distinguished Professor of Shenyang Normal University and the Dean of the School of Management, gave a special report entitled “Thinking of Specialized and Standardized Educational Policy Research”.

In the afternoon, the educational policies and educational laws were divided into two parts and discussed formally. The panel discussion was hosted by Prof. Zhan Zhong-le of Peking University and Prof. Bi Xian-shun, Secretary of Party Committee of Lu-dong University. The conference focused on the legal nature of education, the evaluation criteria of educational policies, the scientification of educational policy formulation, the administrative and normative nature of educational policy documents, the legal issues of school custody, the modernization of educational law, the maximization of children’s interests and the guarantee of working children, the employment and assistance system of college graduates, the national preparatory education policy, the structural reform of the supply side of national higher education, the development of the rule of law and other educational governance issues. Prof. Meng Li-jun, Prof. Tian En-shun, Prof. Kang Cui-ping, Vice Professor Hu Bing-xian and Gan Yong-tao made speeches and made widely communication.

At the final session of the meeting. There were four representatives: Shen Su-ping from Renmin University of China, Professor Yang Ying-xiu from Northeast Normal University, Prof. Wu Hua from Zhejiang University and Prof. Yu Ya-feng, the secretary general of Educational Policy and Law Research Branch, made concluding remarks. At the closing ceremony, Professor Kang Cui-ping from School of Education expressed her sincere congratulations on the successful conference with four key words.

The meeting was an academic event about educational policy and educational law. The participants expressed the hope that more scholars would be gathered in such academic meeting and showed more achievements in the future, which would play an important role in Chinese educational reform and development.